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  • Sbn

    I was not able to install BackupPC, and it seems be same problem that has existed since at least RC - "Error, no packages selected for install". Are the necessary repos enabled that should be in order to install? I can't believe I am the only one unable to install, as this has occurred on several different installations in VMs over past several weeks.

  • Sbn
    Sbn started a new discussion, NFS - Can not mount from Suse

    NFS - Can not mount from Suse

    I have several Suse Enterprise v11 SP3 exports that I am trying to mount NFS on ClearOS machine. On the client side, I can without issue mount another server on a Suse client, but not ClearOS. This is what I get:
    <blockquote>mount -t nfs /home/network/SRV1
    mount.nfs: Connection timed out

    Same command on another Suse, mounts fine. Done search just see if Redhat is anything special run mount command, what I find is it is all the same. As for logging, nothing is shown regarding errors. (only logging for NFS can find is in messages)