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    Gamerayers started a new discussion, Issues installing ClearOS 7.4

    Issues installing ClearOS 7.4

    I've been running my ClearOS 6.3 box for a while on an older Intel Atom and decided it was time to upgrade a little. I have run ClearOS since version 4 and find it easy to work with and a great community. I upgraded to a server board by ASRock called an D2550R which is an upgraded Intel Atom which now allows me to have more hard drives and 4gb of memory.

    Every time I try to install I see the first screen of console after selecting options and then the screen blanks. It is apparent that the Atom graphics are just not capable of the installation. I have tried to use text on the command options to select a text base install, but this doesn't seem to work. I've tried low graphics option and specifying VGA=788. No dice. Any ideas on how to get this working with the newer ClearOS?

    Thank you.