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  • Kevin
    Kevin replied to a discussion, Bug with cron command

    It appears to me the a slash was entered instead of a space. But that would result in this thing running every minute at 10 am for an hour?

    We have the pro version but I did not want to use a ticket for this.

  • Kevin
    Kevin started a new discussion, Bug with cron command

    Bug with cron command

    Hello everyone,

    This is a fresh install of 6.7.

    I noticed a log entry "crond[2196]: (CRON) bad hour (/etc/cron.d/backup)"

    When I look the command it is "*/10 * * * root /var/clearos/events/accounts/accounts >/dev/null 2>&1". Which I agree is malformed.

    What should it be?



  • Thanks for the quick response Dave,

    I buy another license. I wonder if I get get it prorated to expire with our other one.

    One question ... in the link you provides (for COS 5.5) the file "/etc/cleardirectory/config" does not exist on our COS 6.6 system. Do I create this folder and file or is it someplace else?

    Thanks again.


  • Recommendations for site-to-site vpn and domains

    Hello everyone,

    We have COS 6.6 Pro running on our main site. We have a satellite site connected via a Layer 3 VPN tunnel on the same subnet. Apparently the Layer 3 VPN and a single subnet is required to get a NT domain to work (it won't span subnets unless you have replica servers or something).

    Each site has its own DHCP server (without overlapping addresses) but all shares, the domain controller, home folders, etc. reside on the COS server at the main site.

    I was thinking about adding another COS server at the satellite site and configuring it as a LDAP slave.

    Would I be able to have separate subnets (192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x?) at each site?

    Would computers at the satellite site be on the Windows domain?

    Would I be able to add computers to the domain from the satellite site?

    Could I have separate shares at each site?

    Would computers from either site be able to access the other sites shares?

    What is the best practice for this scenario?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Kevin
    Kevin replied to a discussion, CLEARSDN REPOS offline ?

    Yep ... I am one of those who can't register their system. Perfect timing too. We just bought our shiny new subscription, schools starts in a week and I just drove 50 minutes on a beautiful Sunday to upgrade our COS server ... and I am sitting here without support, staring at the same lines popping up in the system log "requesting package: app-performance-tuning: requesting package: app-professional-reports, etc." hoping any minute now its going to change (I know it will soon since I am watching it).

    And the worst part is there aren't any kids around to play with!