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  • James Joseph

    owncloud : cifs mount home folders

    I've got owncloud up and running on clearos 7.1 it seems to work fine with ldap and flex shares. However, I'm trying to get home folders working now but it looks like owncloud doesn't take $user or %U as a variable to let users access their home folder.

    Has anyone gotten home folders to work on owncloud using cifs mount if so any tips to get it to work?

  • James Joseph
    James Joseph started a new discussion, SSL3 Ciphers

    SSL3 Ciphers

    I'm trying to get ssllabs to allow me to get higher then a C rating but the only way to do so is disable all SSL3 ciphers completely. While on our server it's fine to only have TLS 1.2 however on some clients that's a problem as blackberry doesn't support TLS 1.2 only TLS 1.0 or 1.1 so we can't use activesync.

    I've looked into disabling weak ciphers but this doesn't seem to work at least not the ones I've tried. Has anyone got any good experience with ciphers and what would make ssllabs know I've disabled ssl3 but still have TLS 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2

    current config on ssl.conf

    SSLProtocol -ALL +TLSv1 +TLSv1.1 +TLSv1.2

    However only this will get me to A+ with enabling HSTS


  • James Joseph
    James Joseph unlocked the badge Bookworm
    Loves reading the forums.
  • Checked dmesg and dmesg.old nothing about eth1 failing at all.. this is definitely a weird one I have to say.

  • Nick,
    Thanks for the reply. Looking at the yum log I haven't gotten updates since Jul 16

    Here is the only info related to syncaction but it's quite old from last year.

  • LAN IP dissapeared, searching for one using dhclient

    I have a gateway server at a clients office and it has a WAN and a LAN.

    Today was very weird as the LAN IP completely dropped off for no reason what so ever. I had to go into interfaces on the web interface and edit it and click on ok for it to get it back again. This was a static IP address not one using DHCP so it was even weirder it happened.

    Also weird is the fact there are alot of dhclient requests for eth1 (LAN IP) in /var/log/messages

    This happened up to the time I set up an IP address again and has seemed to have calmed down. Don't know if this is relevant but snort also did a report 5 minutes after this.

    I checked yesterdays log for eth1 and noticed it was doing the same thing. As this has happened only this one time I want to maybe chalk this up for a random situation however looking at my other clearos servers that are gateway and do dhcp none of them have this much dhclient requests like this one does which does have me a bit paranoid. Has anyone come across this before?

  • Dave Loper wrote:

    Dave, does community edition come with samba 4 AD? If not is there a professional version of this RC that I can download so I can test it out please?

    Yes, you should be able to use samba 4 AD server with ClearOS. This is relatively new and there are some interplay that is likely going to need tweaking.

    Is that in the web interface or do you need to do this via cli? Would the profesional version work via web interface if not?

  • Issue with RC1 can't install zarafa community edition. I select it then when I go to install I get a message saying: Error, no packages selected for install.

  • Dave Loper wrote:

    This is the discussion thread for ClearOS 7.1 Release Candidate 1 which was released on 24 September 2015. If you have downloaded a copy of this release and have bugs, issues, or feedback, please feel free to report it here.

    To review the release notes, click here.

    To download your copy, click here.

    With this version we have some major introductions. There is improved Webconfig usability. Users of Community edition will have a 30-day window to upgrade to Home or Business version. You can install and run Samba Directory now as your directory server. There is also a powerful events system which allows you to get notified if your box does things that match a certain criteria.

    Dave, does community edition come with samba 4 AD? If not is there a professional version of this RC that I can download so I can test it out please?

  • James Joseph
    James Joseph replied to a discussion, Ldap password sync samba

    Nick Howitt wrote:

    hmm. I think I'd like to retract my last reply. I did not realise you were flipping a pre-existing parameter. In this case, if you remove it from smb.ldap.conf, it is likely that ClearOS will recreate it. Also, if it is set to No there, there is probably a good reason. You'll need to devs to post.

    You could try to experiment, setting "ldap password sync" above or below the "include = /etc/samba/smb.ldap.conf" line in smb.conf and see which takes precedence or even if samba allows it to be set twice.

    Nick, thanks I'll try this on a test server first before trying to change it on a live environment don't want to break anything. It seems weird that the devs would stop this from working by default, I have done some researching regarding this some people say it's slow to change passwords when using it but when I've enabled it, seemed pretty quick to me.