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  • Hi Nick,

    this is very helpful, thank you. - Would you by any chance have some advice for me on how to make sure the old and new server do not get in each other's way PDC/Domain wise during the setup/installation of the new server?


  • Moving to new server hardware: How to deal with PDC transition Old > New?


    I have been running my 6.x COS server for years without ANY hiccups whatsoever and the only downside I can see in that is that I had to tend to is so absolutely darn little that my Linux skills and ~knowledge have faded away badly. - Therefore it took me a bit to overcome my embarassment and to even ask this question, but here goes... ;)

    COS 7.3 has just been released and it is high time to move my server to a higher spec'd hardware base. However, during or after the install the new server would have to assume its role as the new PDC and the old server would ultimately have to be removed from its role, probably/hopefully with a synchronization step in between.

    My question now is how to best go about this, i.e. what steps to take in what sequence? Is there perhaps some precanned information you can point me to or did I perhaps miss some relevant forum posts?


  • Thanks Nick for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it.

    My Email Server is an ISP hosted MS Exchange setup and for the longest time they only supported SSL and not STARTTLS, no idea why. However, made curious by your comment I just checked and lo and behold, once I specified protocol=smtp to coerce the server into listening for plain text at first and only then switching to STARTTLS, it worked like a charm with port 587.

    Thanks also for pointing out the CentOS 7 stunnel 5.40 package on How compatible are CentOS<>ClearOS really when it comes to rpms? For instance, is a CentOS "7" package an indication that this should work with COS7, etc.?

  • Hi All,

    I am not sure how the above post (by me) got a "Resolved" tag, since this issue is clearly not resolved...

    As of today, the stunnel version available in the clearos-centos repository is 4.29-6.el6, which by now is more than 7 years old and if you look at the stunnel version list at you will find that not only are they at version 5.40 by now, but also that there are many (!!) medium and high risk advisories attached to the versions between 4.29 and 5.40.

    I may well be barking up the wrong tree and simply not understand how you handle updating repository listed software, but even in that case perhaps someone from the dev team could quickly set me straight and give a pointer to how things are done.

    Having said that, it is of course not rocket science to setup stunnel oneself and I am currently using 5.40 on my ClearOS 6.8 server, so here are some simple instructions for this...