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  • AFAIK file shares will use SMB3

    We used Wireshark Network Analyser on a affected Win10 machine to check which SMB version is used when a file on a flexshare mapped as a network drive (took 20 seconds to open .docx) or mapped as network location (took ~2seconds to open same .docx). In both cases it was SMB2 protocol. SMB2 is also used on non-affected Win10 machines.

    On all Win10 machines when we run in Poweshell:

    we get
    Dialect : 3.1.1
    which suggests SMB3 is used.

    Not sure yet why, will update when I have time..

  • Update 2:

    On domain joined machine:

    On flexshare if I open a Word file via Network -> {myserver] > [share-name] it's fast as it should be (max 2 sec)
    If I open it via a mapped Windows 10 drive is very slow - ~20 seconds. Disconnecting / reconnecting the drive doesn't help. And why only Word and Excel docs? So confusing...

    On machine that left domain:

    Word and Excel docs always fast no matter what

  • Update: the issue affects around 50% of our Win 10 machines (1909 and 2004). AV is not causing the issue here; have it uninstalled completely on one affected machine is the issue still persists (and we use the same AV policies on all machines).

    So the problem seems to be with domain. On the test affected machine if I leave our ClearOS domain, the issue is solved - Word and Excel docs open extremely fast. If I join the domain the issue occurs again - opening Word and Excel docs is slow on SMB and webdav, other types of files are fast.

    Our join domain registry fix is standard:

    And for Outlook 2016:

    No other changes were made, that's why it's so confusing.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, samba file sharing is over 'SMB2' protocol and 'webdav' is over 'HTTP' so the issue might be more with Windows than samba as SMB file share is on our 1st ClearOS server, webdav is a Tomcat app file share hosted on our 2nd ClearOS server...

  • Slow Word and Excel file opening on flexshare (SMB3)


    We have a shared drive on our v7.x server.

    Word and Excel files (only!) open very slow on Windows 10 Pro machines with Office 2016 Pro. For example it takes ~20 seconds to open 55kb Word .docx file.
    Other file types open very fast e.g. opening 10MB PDF file takes max 2 seconds; copying files is also very fast. We have SMBv1 support disabled; Win10 client have SMBv1 support disabled too. Share is mapped to a fast Samsung SSD drive.

    Also, we have a 'webdav' based share hosted by another, non-ClearOS machine and opening Word and Excel files takes even longer e.g. 90-120 seconds to open simple Word .docx file.

    We think that both issues are caused by Windows 10 or Office 2016 update.

    So far we have tried:

    • enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP
    • regedit:

    • HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters
      DirectoryCacheLifetime: Dword=0
      FileInfoCacheLifetime: Dword=0
      FileNotFoundCacheLifetime: Dword=0
      Then reboot - no changes.
    • disabling AV - in our case ESET Endpoint Security - no changes

    Has anyone had similar problems? What might be causing it?

  • Unable to update via Control Panel - "Software update is in progress. Please come back later."


    We have 2 servers - both 7 Business editions. We are experiencing the same issue with both:

    - autoupdates work only once after server restart
    - Control Panel - Cloud - Updates - Software Update displays "Software update is in progress. Please come back later." all the time; it's available only after server restart and then gets broken
    - Marketplace displays "Marketplace Unavailable. Another user or service is currently using the package manager. Marketplace is not available until the package management system becomes available."

    We can install updates via the terminal...

    How do we solve this?

  • Thanks a lot guys for replying.

    Sorted with:

  • Update:


    to find the package I needed.


    to find repo.

    And finally to install:

    After installing ran:

    to verify "IMAP" is loaded.

    But still get in the application:

  • PHP Engines - add IMAP support for PHP 7.1


    I'm running an application using PHP Engines and PHP 7.1.

    I'm getting the following error:

    How do I add IMAP Support to PHP 7.1 used via PHP Engines?


  • Tomas
    Tomas replied to a discussion, OpenVPN - route all traffic

    Thanks, Nick.

    MTU issues should affect all files, not just small like you say.

    BTW, why do you have "reneg-sec 28800"? Is that a SWEET32 mitigation? If so, current server and client software is not vulnerable.

    I had password prompts every hour on old openVPN desktop client - that's why I added it. Not sure if it's needed for openVPN GUI which I'm using now. This shouldn't affect performance though.

  • Tomas
    Tomas replied to a discussion, OpenVPN - route all traffic


    I'm back on it...The connection is stable but performance is poor when clients connect via WiFi or mobile connection. Now I understand the problem with mobile connection but WiFi used for testing is OK -> 10Mbps Downstream / 6Mbps Upstream, very stable, no other clients connected to the WiFi. The server side connection is 60Mbps / 20Mbps.

    The issue is that speed drops to few kb/s when connected via Wifi and copying a folder containing e.g. 200 small files (101MB total) which I find strange. Another example is launching a software that relies on data stored on a shared drive - it gets painfully slow as it needs to load data from many smaller files.

    Iperf test on that connection:

    local port 5001 connected with port 50079
    [ 4] 0.0-12.4 sec 8.66 MBytes 5.85 Mbits/sec

    All seems to be good for large files - no problems, the speed is what you expect. Transferring smaller files is a completely different story - it just gets very slow.

    This is sample config I'm using:

    I have also created QoS rule for 1194 ports inbound and outbound but that did not help.

    Suggestions to the problem would be very welcome.