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  • Maybe something like this would be perfect for a SOHO UTM based on clearOS:


    Or a custome build PC using mini-ITX motherboards with on board CPU and dual NIC.

  • Small, rack mountable hardware for ClearOS

    I would like to get some small server hardware for installing clearOS gateway on it. The hardware should be rack mountable into rack using additional rack mounting hardware (as the hardware wont take full rack width). It should have two network interface of course. I saw hardwares like this been used for brand IPS/UTM providers (checkpoint/sonicwall) and i doubt that they are using in-house hardwares for that but i cannot find any distributor for such hardware. So the question is, any chance to get hardware like this from any retail?

  • Mail for loops back to myself


    i have a mail server behind my clearOS 5 proxy. At the clearos SMTP mail server settings (im using the antispam service) i have the 'hostname': mail.bsmcos.lan

    The proxy forwarding the mails to the mail server (, thats ok. But when testing SMTP with i get the following message:

    Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

    Some connecting server my drop the connection because of this, so i changed the hostname to match our domain's MX and PTR record (''). But now the mail server cannot receive mail and getting an Undelivered Mail returned to sender with the message 'Mail for loops back to myself'.

    Any idea please?


  • Diop78
    Diop78 replied to a discussion, Quarantine Very Slow


    please is there any way to fasten the process of rendering the quarantine pages? But accessing any web GUI manu is also very slow, its a mess.

    Deleting all the quarantined mails is not a solution, as there are lots of false positives in the quarantine. And no, i wont change the OS to 6.4 because right now there is no any time for that

    CO version is 5.2

    Thank You,