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  • Thanks Nick..... Yes, I discovered that flexshare.conf gets re-written every time you add an additional share etc.....

    Cheers....... Andy

  • Make Flexshares Hidden By Default

    Is there a way I can make flexshares non-browsable/hidden by default?

    Cheers...... Andy

  • Andrew Bostock-Lawton
    Andrew Bostock-Lawton's reply was accepted as an answer

    Re: Windows 10 remote desktop user

    Try entering the username in the format: domain\username

    Cheers...... Andy

  • Try entering the username in the format: domain\username

    Cheers...... Andy

  • Andrew Bostock-Lawton
    Andrew Bostock-Lawton replied to a discussion, ClearOS 8

    Hi Nick,

    Are you able to expand a little on the issues from the IBM/RedHat tie up that have put ClearOS8 on hold. We have a significant base of ClearOS 6 & 7 clients and it's a little concerning to hear that development is on hold.

    Thanks.... Andy

  • Kopano, only counts enabled users, so you can have as many groups/distribution lists as you want.

    Deleting a user (or disabling Kopano from their account) does not delete the users mailbox, this simply becomes orphaned and can be hooked to a new user account using the "kopano-admin" command line tool, so it's really easy to manage staff changes without losing access to email history, contact, calendar etc.

    Also, the "ldapvi" tool is useful to edit the directory in ClearOS when you need to change a users default email address to something other than their login username.

    Cheers....... Andy

  • I'm in the middle of setting up a PDC/BDC setup for a client. Basically, I've reached she same point as Marcel, with the BDC certificate manager stuck with the message "The system is waiting for a connection to the master node". I've got a handful of other clients with remote BDC servers, and have never previously had any issues setting them up. The only difference is all the PDC's in these configurations are COS6 servers; the BDC's are a mix of COS6 and COS7.

    Sorry I'm not contributing anything to fix this, but just wanted to confirm that this issue is not unique to Marcel's setup.

    Cheers...... Andy

  • Hi Mike....... From my limited experience/understanding of SIP, when your WAN fails-over onto WAN2, your phones will need to re-register with the hosted VoIP server, so that your change of public IP address is updated. Could it be that your phones are not automatically re-registering when they lose service, or that some default registration timeout is set quite high?

  • This post caught my eye..... we have had similar experiences on several COS6 sites when installing the latest version of Sage Accounting and Payroll applications. They'll install fine on Windows 7 clients, however on Windows 10, at the end of the install they're unable to communicate with Sage's licensing/activation server and run in trial mode. Like Jeff, the workaround we discovered was to login with a local admin non domain account to activate the product, after which the application worked fine with any domain user account. I should add that the domain user accounts all had full local admin rights.

    Installing the same Sage products on a COS7 site with Windows 10 clients, we did not have this problem. At all our sites COS is the PDC.

    Sorry not to be able to add any real technical input to this, other than like Nick said, COS7 may well resolve this for you, as indicated by our experiences with Sage.

    Cheers....... Andy

  • Hi Andrea,

    If you've got ClearOS set up in gateway mode, when you come to initialise Windows Networking you need to make sure you have something connected to the LAN network interface. This caught me out a couple of times in the past, when on a new build I was accessing the WebConfig via the WAN interface, and had nothing connected to the LAN. Windows networking will sit indefinitely trying to initialise, the moment you connect say a network switch to the LAN interface, initialisation will instantly complete.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers...... Andy