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  • I used Clonezilla some 10+ years ago. I think I recently pitched the CD. So will have to download it again. I will look into that option.

    I am quite familiar with dd the boot sector. I have done this with all the Fedora-arm and Redsleeve work I did when I was between jobs. But if Clonezilla is easier to use than it was back in the day, it may be my answer. Will look into it unless I get a better suggestion before I get home next week...


  • Harddrive failing - now what to do

    My ClearOS 6.7.0 (Final) addition has been running, fairly smoothly since Apr '13.

    Yes, I should ask for guidance on migrating from XP roaming profiles to Win7 roaming profiles (Does Win7 support roaming profiles?).

    But I have a rather critical issue. I am in Seoul right now for IETF, and my home server hung. Took me a bit to realize it was hung with an upset wife not being able to get to her data or email, etc. After I realize the system was indeed wedged, I had her cycle the power and things are working. Going through the messages, I see drive problems with my 1TB ext4 server drive. Oh, no. Hardware failures what to do????

    Is there a recommended method to migrate to a new harddrive?

    For example, I could be down (once I get home) for a day. I boot up with Fedora 24 Live CD, mount my internal driver, have a new 1TB (or maybe now a 2TB) drive via a USB adapter and use some set of commands (dd? rsync?) to copy all the partitions (/boot, /, /storage, etc) to the new drive, put the new drive in and PRESTO. Hardware fixed?

    Or do I need a new platform with a new drive, do a ClearOS install, copy whatever is appropriate, and move to the new server? I have enough subnets (via vlaning) at home to do the install on one subnet, and get everything up and going.

    Or I can work out how to use Samba 4 for my needs....

    Please help. I really do not have the time/resources to figure out Samba 4 (tried that last year). I really barely have the time/resources to learn a new release of ClearOS. I would rather have a copy mechanism and thus a new harddrive (I have used dd, rsync and tar at various times for various OS copying).

    Or you might have this GREAT cloning app...

    Speaking of that, my wife is in a bit of a panic and although I have a cron job to rsync all the data directories to an external HD, she is asking for a cloud backup. Can you recommend an affordable one?

    You would rather have me working on stuff like DDoS mitigation and Network Security Function control standards in the IETF and Ethernet security in IEEE 802 than working on my server right now. Maybe in December, but the drive is failing now...


    Bob Moskowtz

  • Robert Moskowitz
    Robert Moskowitz replied to a discussion, Using ldapsearch

    -H ldaps://' worked.


    Now to get remote access to ldaps

  • Robert Moskowitz
    Robert Moskowitz replied to a discussion, Using ldapsearch

    -H ldaps:// worked.


    Now to configure my other system right.

    In /etc/samba/smb.ldap.conf ClearOS has:

    passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://

    I am ASSuMEing that my remote system will use:

    passdb backend = ldapsam:ldaps://

  • Robert Moskowitz
    Robert Moskowitz started a new discussion, Using ldapsearch

    Using ldapsearch

    I am trying to get ldapsearch working so I can establish I can access the ldap directory remotely. The following works:

    ldapsearch -h localhost -b "dc=home,dc=htt" -D "cn=manager,ou=internal,dc=home,dc=htt" -s sub "objectclass=GroupOfNames" -x -w m...


    ldapsearch -h -b "dc=home,dc=htt" -D "cn=manager,ou=internal,dc=home,dc=htt" -s sub "objectclass=GroupOfNames" -x -w m....

    Does not (my server is at and all these commands were issued in an SSH session on the server):

    ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can't contact LDAP server (-1)

    When entering this question here I was prompted to check out:

    and looked for /etc/kolab/kolab.conf, but this file does not exist. In fact no /etc/kolab directory.

    I am running ClearOS Community release 6.6.0. I have moved my network to a new ISP, so the registration information's external IP address is wrong.

    Oh I have even issued 'service firewall stop' did not help.