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  • Mwoodward
    Mwoodward updated their profile
    Everything is working fine for months, but suddenly yesterday we cannot receive emails from outside.
    Our LAN emails is working fine and sending outside if fine.
    On the mail dashboard, everything is Zero.
    I don't know where to start.
    Please help
  • Wow, how exciting. This couldn't have come at a better time for me.
    Getting my copy now. Thanks for everyone's hard work on this.:D

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum development

    OK - I accept that the Forum Software is to blame and naturally understand you were doing this to help - Peace :-)

    I believe the forum software should automatically add something like "Edited by Bill Bloggs on 12/12/15" when any post is edited by anyone other than the original creator. Having the ability to change some-one else's words with no indication it has happened seems to me completely wrong. I doubt whether it would happen, but I guess it could go legal if someone got upset enough over a changed append they now considered it to misrepresented them and what they originally wrote.

  • ClearOS 7.1 FINAL!!! RELEASED: Discussion

    This is the discussion thread for ClearOS 7.1 Community Final, ClearOS 7.1 Business RC1, and ClearOS 7.1 Home RC1 which was released on 8 October 2015. If you have downloaded a copy of this release and have bugs, issues, or feedback, please feel free to report it here

    To review the release notes, click here.

    To download your copy, click here.

    Users of Community edition will have a 30-day window to upgrade to Home or Business version. You can install and run Samba Directory (BETA) now as your directory server. There is also a powerful events system which allows you to get notified if your box does things that match a certain criteria. Many apps now exist in the marketplace that have not been there previously.

  • [Later] csplugin-routewatch seems to only be required by multiwan, so I have removed that also.

  • I agree with your conclusion. Don't remove syswatch. It is a core application which monitors things like your LAN and WAN connections and does a few other tricks making sure certain programs are running.

  • Can't Sign in Skype for Business (Office 365) via ClearOS v6.2

    I'm having difficulties to connect skype for bussiness (part of Office 365) via ClearOS. The skype alywas return "The server is temporaray unavailable".. When I try to connect directly the laptop via mobile/gsm hotspot my skype for business can succesfully connect.

    FYI Exchange online via MS Outlook dan SharePoint online run very well via clearOS network.

    I think there is some proxy problem that make skype unable to connect via clearOS.

    Here my ClearOS setting:
    - ClearOS Professional V6.2
    - Non-transparent proxy via 8080
    - Engress firewall setting: Block all. Allow some port for : https, http, SMTP
    - Allow por for skype: TCP 50000-59999, UDP 50000-59999, TCP 5223, UDP 3479
    - By pass in proxy: *, *., etc. Ref:

    But still until now I can't sign in Skype for Business via ClearOS.

    Any enlightenment is appreciated



  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Forum development

    Tony Ellis wrote:

    Nick apology accepted - but please, if you modify someone's append, then have the courtesy of adding some words explaining what and why for example.
    At the moment my appends make me look like an idiot complaining about a problem that doesn't apparently exist, if you judge by my "supposed" test results. Those test results as displayed are in fact, now invalid and fake. Whether it is as a result of what you did, changes made to the forum software, or both - I know not - but the end result IMHO isn't desirable...

    Hi Tony,
    I apologise again but the edit I made actually changed nothing on the display and reverting it similarly changed nothing. (If the edit did change your post, it must have triggered a forum bug.) At that point it is hard to to add words about the edit when nothing has apparently changed. Also when editing posts as a mod you do not get a "reason for edit" box so I'd need to add text to your post. I do edit quite a few posts correcting code and url tags to get them to display correctly and I never add an explanation. Perhaps my modus operandi is wrong?