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  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Multiple email domain

    Unfortunately ClearOS does not support multiple virtual domains and you've done better than me by finding the document I was looking for! The only way is multiple instances of ClearOS in VM's. It can have a single ClearOS gateway as ClearOS supports mail forwarding to multiple servers.

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  • Taryck BENSIALI
    Taryck BENSIALI started a new discussion, Multiple email domain

    Multiple email domain

    Hi All,

    AS Google announced the end of historical G Suite, I get hi-jacked by this F..... Google and I need to store distinct account on distincts mailbox.
    I hope that emailalias might solve this but it seams not supported by design : Does ClearOS Support Multiple Virtual Mail Domains?

    Solution have been explored here : Multiple Semi-virtual Mail Domains!
    I need to manage at least 3 to 12 domains, no commun mail box.
    I've got around 50 mailboxes at all
    I need secured and authenticated connection throught POP and SMTP.

    My urgent action is to substitute My G Suite account with Gmail account by masking this gmail acocunt and keeping using the original domain email addresse.

    Any suggestion or help to do this on a unique clearos instance is welcome. Event if manual configuration is required

    Thanks in advance
    Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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