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  • ClearOS Installation with an onboard dual graphics/display device motherboard via CD-ROM (DVD).

    Due to Covid, I have had time to reinvigorate my knowledge and exploration of computers in general and Linux OSes. Part of this has been in obtaining, (on the cheap), odd ball micro/mini PCs. I stress these "odd ball", non name devices. Recently I obtained a couple of dual LAN Celeron computers and ultimately learned that these PCs have onboard dual graphics capability with a default monitor and graphics card/device of an LCD or flat screen monitor to be attached via an onboard (on the motherboard), inline connector.

    When attempting to install ClearOS, I get the boot menu to install or test the CD and etc., I get CD-ROM activity as it starts to load then my VGA connected monitor goes black and states no signal. I simply cannot install ClearOS. I ran a live CD of one of the Ubuntu flavors and learned via this, since the VGA monitor came up as monitor 2 and I could set Ubuntu to swap and/or combine monitors. Never did see any Linux output while the CD was booting. To make a long story short:

    I 'think' I have seen somewhere that one can, during the boot process even from a CD/DVD, edit or configure the boot, via grub or grub.conf, to do certain things. My Googling has not provided anything on this that I can implement or understand... yet, especially since I am booting an install OS from CD/DVD.

    My question is: Is there a way to tell the installation media to ignore display 1 or graphics card 1? I know a lot will be thinking, change it in the BIOS. I have tried every combination under the display device, to the point I had to reset the BIOS by pulling the battery. I have no idea where the CMOS clear pins are or if the board has a graphics disable pin(s) somewhere.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on this!