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  • edit: I rephrased the GM Business question, you already answered it, but it reads better now.

    I have found a few posts concerning geoblocking lists, so I will paste a few links in here after I've narrowed down the useful ones :)

    I understood from your comments; that you could individually add IP's via the installation of the "Egress Firewall" App in Marketplace; thank you for that. As you acknowledged, realistically, we all use appropriate lists.

    The reason I never installed Egress Firewall, Is it specifically states that "the exception rules are based on destination port or hostname". No where in the "learn more" does it even mention you can add IP's.

    Should I put the ability to manage blacklists into Egress Firewall as feature request?
    Where should I post about the text addition in Egress's "learn more" pages, Website changes?

    I absolutely agree and understood what clearOS offers with its niche combination of:
    Next-Gen Firewall; via Gateway Management product, particularly the business variant $400 , but seemingly not available on home, which includes DTTS: "the blanket IP block overridden by the IP Whitelist feature".

    The multiple Servers all readily available via Marketplace, and dependant on your version of home, you get can get Serviio and Plex included.

    User Management/ grouping, and by way of flex share you can assign shared or private folders to them
    You even have Backup for PC's built-in (again dependant on variant)

    In fact, after using PfSense for two years and also testing OPNSense, NethServer, Sophos XG, MerlinWRT, AsusWRT, Zentyal.
    The only competitor with a like for like offering is Zentyal.

    I deliberately chose clearOS not only given what the company stands for, but it is very clean on the interface. I know you all think the menu's could do with work. It would also be good to also have more theme's.

    Thanks Nick