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  • Can there be a specific clearOS Home/with essentials section?

    Hi all,
    Firstly my thanks to Nick, who has been very helpful via email.

    I genuinely wish there was a specific section for "clearOSHome."

    Any stuck home user will look for one. At the moment, as there isn't one, you are presented with what feels like the largest forum index page known to man lol :D.

    After that bewilderment has settled, you start to think about where you should begin to start given the sheer number of sections, so you have to resort to looking at the individual apps that you "think" are causing the issues. You then very quickly realise that each section presents very technical information and clearly more for the folks that are adept in CLI, and not those of us who come from the usual GUI driven platforms like PfSense.

    Another Suggestion would be stickies for "where to start" this should include the three apps not to install if you are using Gateway Management in either variant. I am sure more will crop up.

    Some issues are not in the "learn more" sections with vital information in the 'documentation' link, so you are now two links deep (when it could be and should be in 'learn more', in my opinion), and other information is buried in sales documentation which no one will ever find.

    I hope this is the right place to ask. Thanks