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  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, B560 Chipset

    I am aware of the white screen after the first install. I'll be doing an install on Monday so I'll see if there is anything in the logs. Did you install the release iso (7.7) or the RC iso (7.9)

    The console, (gconsole) is a cut down version Firefox and it is a bit old and seriously in need of an update, but Firefox has seriously changed since our version of gconsole that it is not a simple case of applying the patches to the later code.

    I've no idea about the crashing and I've no idea what graphics drivers ClearOS uses.

    Similarly I have no idea about the hang at starting API.

    Is there anything in your logs (messages, boot, dmesg and system)? Where you get a crash, if you reboot successfully, you may have to look at the prior dmesg log to see the crash.