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  • Crontab is not executing script.

    I have something struggle with crontab which I can't resolve. I'm trying to schedule a radio program recording on a weekly basis.
    If the script is executed manually by me (root privilege), everything works as expected. If I schedule it in crontab it does not work. Nothing in /var/log/cron, no PID, nothing.

    # Record stream and save it

    streamripper http://x.x.x.x:8000 -d "/var/flexshare/shares/vol4/1. Streamrecordings/" -o larger -t --quiet -u "FreeAmp/2.x" &

    # End script

    Crontab -l

    */30 * * * * /install/script/
    0 16 * * 5 /install/script/
    0 19 * * 5 /install/script/

    Other parts of the Crontab are being executed...