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  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, gRPC for ClearOS

    From what I understand you need the .phpenv file somewhere in the path of where you are calling the executable from so setting /root/.phpenv to 73 allows me to use php73 when called from /root, /root/cust etc. The magic for that is in /usr/clearos/bin/php.

    Having said that, using the full path in the shebang should also work.

    It is a pity that ClearOS injects /usr/clearos/bin into the PATH which defeats the normal "scl enable rh-php73 ...." command. You could try invoking:Then manipulate the path there to remove the /usr/clearos/bin from the PATH string and then see if it works running from there.

    Beyond that, I have no idea.