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  • Serviio 2.2.1 is here - any Pro license for Serviio 1.x will no longer work

    Hello everyone,
    For 2.5 years Serviio 2.x has been sitting in the contribs-testing repo for anyone who would like to upgrade their 1.x version. The reason for not introducing this as a "mandatory" upgrade by placing it in the contribs repo has been to allow for any user that earlier had bought an (optional) pro license for the 1.x version to continue to use Serviio without forcing them to buy a new 2.x compatible pro license.

    Serviio 1.x is not maintained upstream, and I have seriously been thinking about how long we can continue with this "parallell track" in ClearOS. The latest Serviio 2.2.1 release contains an important bug fix for the log4j vulnerability. While I am honostly not sure to which extent a ClearOS system could be affected, I think it is time to take the step and finally retire the Serviio 1.x package in ClearOS.

    I will therefore ask Nick to go ahead and push the Serviio 2.2.1 package to the contribs repo for ClearOS 7 as soon as possible which means that all of you that are running Serviio on ClearOS 7 will have it upgraded within the next 24 hours if you have not already upgraded before.

    Please note: Serviio will work perfectly without a pro license, but with a few features disabled such as a media browser and Internet API access.

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