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  • Sam
    Sam replied to a discussion, ClearOS 8

    I know this is an open source project like many others, however - as long as it is also the basis for several commercial products (as is, for example, Fedora to RHEL), one would expect there to be a solid plan in place to deal with situations like this.

    I have had several customers that are testing out firewall devices I built them using ClearOS 7 (to test and see if they would like to purchase the Business version); but, like me, they are very trepidatious about moving to a commercial version unless they have some idea what is going on with the product since CentOS became a stream.

    It has been quite some time now (months), and we've seen the Phone, and other commercial products release - can someone over there throw us a bone, already?

    Otherwise I agree - we'll have to come up with another solution. It's January 2022. We need direction.

    [BTW - the hardware platform I built for them, using Supermicro and Gigabyte EPYC-based servers, is solid as a rock. Now, if only we had a clue whether we could use ClearOS as a platform...]