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  • OpenVPN Behind an eero gateway

    Here’s the scenario at home: I have a cable modem with its router feature turned off, with an eero mesh system behind it, for my LAN. The eero gateway doesn’t have a VPN server, but supposedly it allows VPN traffic through it without any setup. The eero gateway has an active DHCP server on it, doling out the LAN IP addresses. I want to be able to VPN into my LAN so it’s as if my remote PC is on my home’s network.

    The method I was thinking on using: Put ClearOS Community Edition in standalone mode on a PC on my LAN. I’d like to disable the COS DHCP server, but I don’t know if that’s even possible while using OpenVPN. I really only want to use COS for this purpose. I’ve used it before with OpenVPN, but that was in gateway mode without another router in the picture. I just don’t want the COS server to conflict with the eero since everything is running well on my LAN. I don’t want to compromise my work home network.

    Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.