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  • What Is The Future of ClearOS?

    To: ClearOS Business Admins, I.E., those who are in charge of everything Clear

    I am just one person and a pretty insignificant voice in this big world. I have used almost every iteration of ClearOS going WAY back to when it was ClarkConnect! I believe that ClarkConnect was my first foray into the Linux "appliance" world and it has always served me well as my home office router. I have tried all of the other OpenSource firewall/routers from pfSense, to Untangle to everything in between. Learned a lot but I always came back to ClearOS! ClearOS just worked and was easy to configure and with a few tweaks one could make it do anything the other distros would do. And...

    We had an online expert for almost as long as I can remember, an expert always in the forums helping me (us) out. For quite a few years it was Nick Howitt. This man was such a valuable asset to me and to this forum IMHO.

    Today is the first day I have seen questions in these forums go with zero replies. I fear that this will continue. I am no expert but I am certain others are and may come forward in time.

    I have never supported ClearOS or ClarkConnect with money. Never bought a module and now I feel that I should have or at least Clear should have created a donation button to help keep things alive. I have done that with out OpenSource projects.

    It is my true and fervent hope that Nick still would like to work for Clear and that the issues he and the company are having can hopefully be remedied. If not, shame on Clear for letting a valuable asset get away.

    To Nick Howitt: Good luck to you sir! You have always been courteous and certainly helped me a lot! And I have asked some pretty stupid questions! I wish I could buy you a pint! And I do hope you show up from time to time in these forums!

    To Clear: Will ClearOS still be a leader? Will this project and company stay alive? If you're folding up, closing the doors, turning the light switch off, please let us know sooner rather than later. This kind of employee stuff just seems like a pre-cusror to more issues and problems ahead.