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  • John and Patrick,

    I'm in the same boat as you guys. I have used ClarkConnect and ClearOS for the better part of 15 years I guess. I've been subscribed to ClearOS Home for probably 5 years, just to provide a little support. It's a great project and I'm very hopeful they are able to keep things moving forward. However, I think that seems unlikely. I'm sure you read Michael Proper's reply to my post in January, and I'm trying to be optimistic and believe what he said. Time will tell. Good luck to Nick. He's a great asset here and will be missed. I rarely even had to ask questions on the forum. With a little digging, you could find someone else asking your same question, and Nick had an answer. And, to go back a bit... Same to Tim Burgess, Ben Chambers, Peter Baldwin, and often with a hint of sarcasm, Tony Ellis. A great group that I've always appreciated. Sorta sounds like this is my "break up" letter :)