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  • It is hard to find a single platform to replace ClearOS that's this well put together. TrueNAS is really nice, but I ended up with some hardware compatibility issues, so I had to abandon it. I ended up running Ubuntu server and installing everything I need manually. It's not as nice as ClearOS was, but it will hold me over. I plan to keep an eye on ClearOS and hope to see things come back together. I'm not interested in the other "companies" the Clear umbrella now covers ( I'm just looking for a supported server/gateway platform that's as secure, stable, reliable, and simple as ClearOS was. I completely agree with and understand their focus on the decentralized/privacy movement their organization has taken on, but I feel it's created other issues that caused ClearOS, the server/gateway platform, to fall apart. I've loved this company for somewhere around 15-20 years and it's really unfortunate I feel I need to move away. I'm hoping they are able to get past this and create the best open source server/gateway platform again. Good luck everyone. Hope to hear from you all again.