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  • Georgina wrote:

    Another 30 updates to CentOS 7, most of them also applicable to ClearOS 7.
    This is now the 3rd batch of updates missing from ClearOS.

    ClearOS is now well and truly out-of-date. Shame on the ClearOS mangement for :-

    1. not providing updates to a product that their web-site clains is still supported.
    2. allegedly taking money from paying customers but not providing the support for which payment was made.

    Is ClearOS on the brink of financial collapse? What other reason could there be for not investing a modest amount of money to ensue people like Nick provide the necessay support to keep ClearOS current?

    I totally agree and i think the most customers of COS

    1. As mentioned before the communication of COS (Micheal) is lacking and it this is a signal it it going down the hill
    2. This is shaming and we have payed for support or updates, not even to mentioned develoment. So basicly we are entitled to a refund of out money

    Nick was the only point of contact over the last years who did a lot to support the cusotmers of COS
    It looked to me he was the onlt one at COS wit a heart for the customers and had the decency to reply or communicate