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  • Win10 Domain login not working 100%

    I've tried both ClearOs 6.6 with OpenLDAP and ClearOS 7.1 with Samba Directory and the follow problem persists.

    Do a domain login with a user either as a regular user or domain admin and run Google Chrome Browser.
    Connect the browser to your gmail account.
    Close the browser and restart it.
    Google Chrome require you to relogin to your account your username ie e-mail address is remembered but not your full credentials.

    If you login to a local account the browser remembers your credentials. Domain logins from windows 7 and 8 also remember the credentials fine.

    The above may seem like a minor inconvenience but it's just a easy quick way to demonstrate the problem. The credential problem rears is head in many places for example Visual Studio also require continual re-entry of credentials and can't publish an app at all.

    Any help finding a solution would be greatly appreciated as I have customers what will need to eventually upgrade their desktops to win 10.