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  • ClearOS 7 - custom firewall rules and default ruleset for IPv6


    I've just upgraded to ClearOS 7 and I'm trying to implement some custom firewall rules using iptables directly. I don't want to use firewalld.

    On ClearOS 6 we could add rules in this way to /etc/clearos/firewall.d/local. Is there an equivalent file in ClearOS 7?

    Also, I noticed after installing ClearOS 7 community that IPv6 was enabled on the system yet there were no rules in place to prevent IPv6 traffic to the system? This seems like an oversight to me. I'd expect at least a INPUT and FORWARD policy configuration to disallow traffic.

    Can anyone provide some insight on how I might be able to implement custom firewall rules using the classic iptables syntax in ClearOS 7?