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  • Ben; I started out with Tim's paid app, but diverged when I upgraded the webapp to 2.0.2 in order to fix some IE problems. I've had to do subsequent upgrades with the --ignore flag.
    Will I still be able to try this update?
    I'm planning to upgrade my 6.7 to COS7.2 (home essentials) in the near future, and figure that the latest version software would be of benefit.
    I'm just building up a COS7.1 or 7.2 box (tried to download 7.2 three times, but it keeps timing out), so may just install the 7.1 then try an upgrade afterwards.
    Is there an approved upgrade strategy for 6.7 to 7.x ? I can't seem to find a thread documenting it. (poor keyword choice no doubt).