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  • Ben Chambers wrote:'re digging up an old post. Your repos look fine.

    What about:


    I am! Sorry about that :( I had been putting off upgrading my 6.6 install for so long just because I didn't want to play with it. But today I was trying to get some scripts working for some plex monitoring tools that required Python 2.7, and I was having trouble getting that up and running, so I figured today might as well be the day to make the jump!

    yum upgrade is running right now, doing a lot of work, that may be the solution! We'll see in a bit.

    As far as what I was trying to install, pretty much anything, there's a long list but as an example, the Administrators app is one.

    Another weird thing I'm noticing, on my 6.6 install I had installed google-authenticator, and gotten that setup to require a OTP on SSH logins, on 6.6 I was able to just do:

    On 7.2 though, it's coming back that that is not a package, did some of the repos from 6.6 get axed in the 7.2 release? Or could that be another symptom of the issue I'm having?