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  • Ben,
    I do not get any mp-cart-xxxxxx files created in that directory when I select an item for install.

    The cache folder is owned by root with permissions drwxrwxrwt.

    I run into this problem during the initial setup wizard when it gives me the option to install Marketplace apps, so I have not done much yet to affect teh system.

    Any ideas what to look at next to fix this?



    Ben Chambers wrote:


    No apps have been selected for installation.

    Looks similar to what's being posted here, but in fact, your issue is very, very different. Nothing to do with Yum or repos and everything to do with your browser and how an ajax call submitted to the server when you select an app for installation is used to maintain state of your selected apps.

    When you click on an app (highlight) for installation, you should find a new (or updated) file on your server in /var/clearos/framework/cache/mp-cart.xxxxxx

    Where xxxxx will be some random session number.

    To help yourself with some troubleshooting, remove any old sessions of that cached file:

    Go back to Marketplace and refresh the page...add an app.

    If you don't see that file being created, that's where we need to start looking. If you do see that file, and you go to the "Install selected apps" page and the table show nothing, I'd be surprised, but we need to troubleshoot that differently.

    Report back and we'll see if we can get to the root cause.