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  • Ben Chambers wrote:

    My bad....It's not enough to have the updated clearos-base pkg if you've already installed some of the web server or flexshare packages. You needed to also run:


    That seemed to fix the flexshare issue. Thank you.

    I noted on reboot (due to updated kernel today) that flexshares were not available. The folders were intact but they were empty.

    I have a couple of "custom" mounts that I add to /etc/clearos/flexshare.conf:
    storage:/mnt/storage which is physically /dev/sdb1
    backup:/mnt/backup which is physically /dev/sdc1
    When I checked mount points I noted that my root partition (/dev/sda2) was mounted on the COS generated flexshare directories (/var/flexshare/shares/backup and /var/flexshare/shares/storage)! Those two folders were empty too. This was easily fixed (umount /dev/sda2 twice although it was with some trepidation with the first one). Then all was far. While I rarely need to reboot the server I would rather not have to go through this process each time. I will test whether it is truly "fixed" this weekend and report back.