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  • More hardware support coming. Lots of testing required. QoS users pay attentions.

    In the past, ClearOS made a number of changes to the stock CentOS/RHEL code in order to support several technologies that required kernel modifications. This was in support of several features that were needed in the network stack and elsewhere where RHEL didn't have any solutions. Over time this number has diminished and we are down to the last one.

    A current kernel change is implemented in ClearOS today that facilitates QoS on the inbound traffic lane. This is something that Linus Torvalds has consistently rejected in kernel space for a long time but we have used it successfully and solidly on ClearOS for many years. With the recent improvements in the modules that we use to facilitate other apps, there appears to be a mechanism where we can facilitate QoS on the inbound network lane without a kernel modification. What this gets us is the ability to merge back to the stock CentOS/RHEL kernel for ClearOS.

    Sometime after the release of ClearOS 7.4 we will be engaging in the cut-over of QoS app to this new method and adopting the upstream kernel. This will need a fair amount of testing and we will be running extended tests internally, publicly with the ClearOS Testing repos (voluntary pre-testing), testing with the ClearOS Community, and finally landing the QoS changes with the Home and Business users. Watch for instructions to follow.

    What this gives us is 3rd party compatibility with drivers that are built against Redhat/CentOS specifically as our ABI will now match theirs.