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  • [HOWTO] Asterisk 11 on ClearOS 7.3

    I know Asterisk 11 is near its EOL (or maybe passed it by few weeks!), but it's still stable and usable, specially for home server with 5 to 6 expansions like in my case!

    I chose version 11 in particular because it's that last version to support Asterisk GUI. I know the gui has been abandoned by Digium, but again it's very stable and usable for small installations like mine.

    Here is a tutorial on how to install Asterisk 11 and its GUI on the latest clearOS 7.3.

    First, yum update then reboot the server.

    Install dependencies:

    Download asterisk code and compile:

    In Asterisk Module and Build Option Selection, disable: Channel Drivers -> [ ] chan_mgcp for better performance especially in loaded server.

    Start asterisk 11 and make sure it's lisning to port 5060 (asterisk 1.8 did not!):

    install Asterisk GUI:

    Edit /etc/asterisk/http.conf and make the following modifications:

    Edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and make the following modifications:

    Edit /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf and make the following modifications:

    Compile the GUI and load it:

    Now, you can visit the GUI and start configuraing your new PBX:
    Goto: then:
    1. Add VOIP SIP Truck: spa, (SPA3102 IP in my case)
    2. Add Outgoing Calling Rule: viaSPA, _[098]., Use Trunk: spa, Strip: 0
    3. Add new Dial Plan: choose all options
    4. Add users
    5. Add Incoming Calling Rule: _xxxxx (your phone number as entered in SPA page), any Destination

    Finally, allow incoming SIP in clearOS firewall.