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  • T1ck3ts
    T1ck3ts started a new discussion, Torguard OpenVPN issues.

    Torguard OpenVPN issues.

    Wonder if you guys can help with this one.

    I've setup and generated the Torguard VPN config and put it into /etc/openvpn as with all the others.
    It connects (had to put route-nopull into the torguard config else it would kill my entire network. No webpages would load)

    I would like to only send HTTP and HTTPS traffic over the Torguard VPN connection, leaving my games to run on the normal line, eno1 (External), for lower pings.

    Im having no luck :/ VPN connects but cant forward traffic over it.

    This is what i've tried so far, but with no luck:

    Any ideas would be helpful.