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  • Check sums I have found
    # The image checksum(s) are generated with sha256sum.
    b14201b3f62c875bef3e34062c6a3595dd9e8c57099902f9e92efbce728d609a *ClearOS-DVD-x86_64-
    89ebba21c8f66e8e0682b83b11c14b615362052c862ef25355c5167015a2db7d *ClearOS-netinst-x86_64-

    # The image checksum(s) are generated with sha256sum.
    b3530d0402a40da34a92c047abb7b2370429ae1b5d2de3c153ff351f75ae4b52 *ClearOS-DVD-x86_64-

    ce4c6240576a6c5de957e1e16b657a87f0e45e099c8ff2bcb95a398a4dff5409 *ClearOS-netinst-x86_64-

    None of the above are ac1a12dbcf0f94d7495aa1cd4b8db470571c207ed1c481cb80b8a65631a1cc10 which is what the downloads page is the check sum for 7.3!
    Neither of the 7.4 iso's are working - I tried the netinstall in the hopes it would work I have tried a couple of different mirrors in the hope that the one is was using was corrupt.
    I am now downloading the actual 7.3 DVD install - I wonder how that will go .. This might actually take me to my TB download limit this month....