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  • Hi All,

    After a month of travel, and being sick, I have finally made it back to this issue.

    I have not made any progress on this issue and I've tried all sorts of different ways to address it.

    1. HDMI vs VGA output, no change.
    2. nomodeset, no change.
    3. manual vga modes, no change
    4. Install Clearos on a different computer, transfer hard drive. I get to Grub, soon as Grub passes, no video. Not ability to get to console

    I am at a loss here. I bought the motherboard specifically to run ClearOS 7.x and just can't get the video working. I've tried all sorts of different monitors to see if that has any change, it just seems like as soon as I pass grub, the video of the atom on the D2550R motherboard doesn't want to present anything. I can't see the console, I can't see the web based setup, it just goes to no signal.

    On Clearos 4-6 I've never used the web browser based graphical system on the server except to set the initial IP. I always use the console for everything else, but the fact that I can't even get it to show me the console, I just don't know where to start with this. I assume it deals with the fact that the atom's graphics aren't supported by CentOS at all, but seriously, console should still work, and even if I can get it installed, but can't see the console, that won't work if something goes wrong and I need to troubleshoot.

    Is this just what 7.x and above work like?