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  • There is no requirement for ClearCenter to be the domain registrar but you will have to use subdomains. Does resolve to your website or is it just which resolves to your website? It is not that important.

    If ClearOS is on a fixed IP, you can set up an A record for, which I assume will be, pointing to your WAN IP and your Internet Hostname should be set to

    If ClearOS is on a dynamic IP, you can set up a CNAME record for pointing to your dynamic DNS name. This way will always follow your IP.

    If you do either of the above, you can even run a web server on but it just has to use a different subdomain from your remote server.

    You don't need any form of DNS registration at ClearCenter set up to subscribe to ClearCenter services as ClearOS looks after contacting the ClearCenter servers.

    I see you mention Content Filter. These days it is only really effective if you use a non-transparent proxy as the transparent proxy only filters http traffic and not https. This is relatively intrusive as it means making proxy settings on every PC, or setting up Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD). The app needs some love from a volunteer but there is a HowTo to do it manually and it is not too difficult to implement if you know how to write WPAD files (I don't). As an alternative there is the Gateway Management product which is easier to set up and much lighter on resources and is ClearCenter's preferred solution.