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  • Packages being updated to the Community tonight (21/05/19)

    Tonight (21/05/19-22/05/19) the following updated packages are being released:
    app-samba - Remove deprecated parameter from smb.conf (stops log noise)
    syswatch - Change second backup ping server from ClearSDN to a much more responsive public server..
    csplugin-filewatch - Add systemctl to CLEARSYNC in sudoers.

    app-dynamic-vpn - move the updown scripts to from the global conf file to the individual conns. This allows the Dynamic VPN and Static VPN apps to work at the same time. Also some config tidy-ups. The app is ready and tested. It just needs to be pushed to the repos but this has hit a glitch.

    Packages available for testing:
    app-ntp - adds new configuration options. I understand some re-coding may be needed to get to the coding standard and UI look and feel, but functionally it should be OK. I have tested it. Its main use is to allow you to specify your own NTP servers through the Webconfig.
    app-storage - a big functionality update. Brings a lot of disk management capability to the Webconfig

    Packages available for testing can be installed with: