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  • Tonight (11/06/19-12/06/19) the following updated packages are being released:
    app-firewall - updates to allow 1-to-1 NAT ro work with a single IP rather than a subnet.
    app-flexshare - allow shares group names with spaces in them to work (mainly for Active Directory Connector users)
    syswatch - add support for UDP and TCP pings
    app-date - translation update

    All packages released into the Community in the last four weeks or so (excluding tonight, of course) are being pushed into Business and Home.

    app-dynamic-vpn - move the updown scripts to from the global conf file to the individual conns. This allows the Dynamic VPN and Static VPN apps to work at the same time. Also some config tidy-ups. The app is ready and tested. It just needs to be pushed to the repos but this has hit a glitch.

    Packages available for testing:
    app-storage - I am not sure if there are any updates since last week. Latest package in testing is app-storage-2.6.9-1.v7.
    app-network - allows you to add LAN interfaces to a Bridge interface. There are some bugs but on initial testing the changes look usable. Also you currently need to have at least two unconfigured interfaces before you can create a bridge interface in the first place. To permanently enable the Add Bridge button, you can change line 74 in /usr/clearos/apps/network/views/ifaces.php to:This is a separate issue.

    Packages available for testing can be installed with: