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  • Nick Howitt
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    Re: Dynamic DNS setup help

    I'll delete your other post.

    It looks like you have activated your ClearOS DDNS to (sic) which is fine. This will always track your external IP address. and 1923.168.1.0/24 are not brilliant choices for a LAN subnet and are best avoided. The will work but could give you VPN issues if you ever use OpenVPN. They can also give other oddball issues when connecting in other equipment as they are too common defaults.

    What is Presumably ClearOS in Standalone mode? Any you have a router at Have you turned off the DHCP server in the router? You should not have 2 running on the LAN.

    Also you generally don't allow the the whole subnet for DHCP, reserving a block for static IP's.

    If the page you are trying to access is in ClearOS, then have you port forwarded tcp:80 and tcp:443 though your router?