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  • Update: the issue affects around 50% of our Win 10 machines (1909 and 2004). AV is not causing the issue here; have it uninstalled completely on one affected machine is the issue still persists (and we use the same AV policies on all machines).

    So the problem seems to be with domain. On the test affected machine if I leave our ClearOS domain, the issue is solved - Word and Excel docs open extremely fast. If I join the domain the issue occurs again - opening Word and Excel docs is slow on SMB and webdav, other types of files are fast.

    Our join domain registry fix is standard:

    And for Outlook 2016:

    No other changes were made, that's why it's so confusing.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, samba file sharing is over 'SMB2' protocol and 'webdav' is over 'HTTP' so the issue might be more with Windows than samba as SMB file share is on our 1st ClearOS server, webdav is a Tomcat app file share hosted on our 2nd ClearOS server...