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Charter School Implementation
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I just spoke to a Charter School IT person, as my two daughters just started attending a new Charter School in Kaysville, Utah. These schools have a less structured system when installing systems, as they are outside of much of the district red tape with regards to setting up operations. Many of them start from scratch when setting up computer and IT systems, which usually get organized by a "brother-in-law" of the school founder. I think this market of new Charter Schools would be a great area for ClearOS to penetrate, as they are open-minded to new, cost-effective IT ideas.

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    Jim OBrien Accepted Answer
    Nine years ago I walked into a couple of different schools running Red Hat in some form or manner as their firewall and school server. The servers were solid and the networks were stable. The cost was a huge plus, too. What the servers lacked was the ability for a non-tech to manage daily tasks. This is the huge advantage of the ClearOS. The solution is easy to support, install, and implement. It takes 12 minutes to install on most systems if you pop in the cd, choose every module, and type in the ip and name of the server. Any staff member who has ever logged into a user account on a website can be taught how to support the firewall on a daily basis. I couldn't agree more with you Mark. If I was a Headmaster or Principal I would reap the rewards ClearOS in a heartbeat.
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