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Features for ClearOS Home Server
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Should we discus what features we like to see in ClearOS Home Server?

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    Jean-Philippe Baril Accepted Answer
    - Better support/drivers for recent non-server-grade hardware.
    - Some kind of MobileMe synch and push-email features (like Funambol)
    - DLNA server
    - Bittorent web interface (torrentflux, transmission)
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    Marcel van Leeuwen Accepted Answer
    I want to add some more features.

    - cloud service to sycronize directories from different servers / clients.
    - web page to access your files (example: ajaxplorer, eXtplorer).
    - monitor tool for andriod platform (mobile phone) to monitor your servers.

    Personally i can't wait for the home server edition but i think i got to be patient. The release of 5.1, 5,2, 5,3 also brings some nice features. Like virtualization!
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    Paul van Voorst Accepted Answer
    * I'd like to see a handy backup tool for the server AND workstations (Never got Bakula working with my DLT drive)
    * Support for raid (Expandable raid would be great) in such a way that it can be managed through the webinterface
    * Bittorent web interface (torrentflux is great) preferable integrated in the main CC (eh sorry, old habit) CO webinterface
    * Itunes shared libraries (it is already do-able with OSS tools, but require lots of handwork)
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    Miguel Accepted Answer
    It would be nice to get the option to install an UPNP-media streaming service.
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    Nuke Accepted Answer
    Of the top of my head and as security is my big worry,
    I would appreciate a bit more security stuff; i.e. something like tripwire/aide to round out the other offerings.

    Perhaps a bit more work on updating the snort, dansguardian more often.(??)
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    Bryan Guidroz Accepted Answer
    - MythTV backend
    - Web-based streaming (icecast or better)
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    Mark Branstetter Accepted Answer
    Family friendly features that have made ClarkConnect valuable for me are:
    - Content Filter (dansguardian) - more frequent updates appreciated
    - Access Control / Management - more flexible times would be appropriate
    - Calendars - IMAP calendar features shown for ClOS 5.1 look appealing

    Future feature requests:
    - Home Automation / Security - Control lights / sprinklers, DVR scheduling integration, security camera monitoring, fire alarm alerting via SMS, etc.
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    Loxety Accepted Answer
    Support to setup CO as a wireless access point.
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    Tracy Holz Accepted Answer
    Rsync support
    act as an Apple Time Capsule
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    Piet Dienaar Accepted Answer
    Reintroduce Gallery again
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    Link Whitehair Accepted Answer
    would be nice if the IDPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Service) and Protocol filter would be implemented, for use of protecting your network, and having control over what protocols your children are allowed to use (ex. blocking IM & P2P)
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    Solarlevel Accepted Answer
    I liked the possibility of web-based interface to manage Synology disk station simple yet powerfull, but it should be reviewed (without limitations of their OS), better structured in and supplemented (for example, dynamic display of channel use in active connections, etc.)
    Look at it as a starting point
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    Solarlevel Accepted Answer
    there is online live demo account to test the GUI:
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    Anders Klock Accepted Answer
    My wishes for the new home server:
    1: Easy to publish website-folder that will show ut as a "shared" folder in LAN. Here it should be possible to "drag and drop" files and edit and save without R/W error messages.
    2: Different user modes based on the users skills regarding configuration and settings of the server and firewall. Like Advanced - Average - Newbie modes. Maybe more wizard / walk-through modes?
    3: More themes.
    4: I want Webmin back :-)
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    Petrock Accepted Answer
    Well I have not seen anything about the change till just today, and I have not had any exposure to this ClearOS as of yet. I have been a user of ClarkConnect since 2003 and I was always quite pleased and surprised with the Community Edition. If you are looking for features, I would start by looking at the product the company was making that you just bought.
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    Paul Accepted Answer
    I'd Like to see zoneminder and squeezeboxserver as easily installable modules.
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    Fikse Accepted Answer
    As others here already have said:
    Easier, maybe step-by-step for setting up "everything".

    If I/you look at what a average family (this is the target?) needs/uses, a home server should have:

    Of course a proper firewall / antivirus / IDPS / access control, and more, as of today.
    Central storage of all data: Pictures, music, movies, automatic backup of all computers...
    Mediaserver: connectors for "stuff" like iPods, iTunes and whatever...
    Calendar / Wiki, both personal and "workgroup"
    Home automation
    And finally a easy, maybe step-by-step for setting up "everything". Also GUI for adding disks...
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    Graham Logan Accepted Answer
    Contact sharing, LDAP backend so it can be the GAL in Outllook etc, and a service to sync to the 'Cloud' (Gmail etc) to get access to standard sync to mobile phones etc.
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    Michael Sporer Accepted Answer
    mythtv backend or some solution that will let me DVR OTA broadcasts so I am not dependent on any subscription media service. Of course I would subscribe to schedules direct if necessary. I could then get local stations over the air and download specific shows online. Default config should assume an external capture device like the HDHomeRun.

    Pick a frontend, any frontend, but one that is really user friendly and runs well on a tiny bit of hardware like the Acer Revo 1600.
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    Steven Accepted Answer
    I just finished rebuilding my home network around ClearOS Enterprise Edition

    The ClearOS install was simple.
    Finding out that my 100Mb Linksys WRT300N wouldn't go into bridge mode, ugh.
    Figuring out a replacement wireless access point is in-process

    My Home Network

    Cable Internet (Motorola 4200 modem: 20Mb/1.5Mb)
    Router/Firewall - low power Mini-ITX PC (Jetway VIA Platform J7F4 (VIA Eden 1.2GHz 7W CPU & 2x GB NICs)
    ClearOS Enterprise Version 5.1
    8-Port Gb Switch + AirPort Extreme Wireless N Access Port
    D-Link NAS with 2x Hd in mirror Raid

    All of the above to support the following:

    3x wired Gaming PCs
    2x wireless desktop PCs
    1x wireless laptop
    1x Nintendo Wii
    3x Sony PSPs
    4x Nintendo DS
    1x wired BlueRay player

    I like the ClearOS interface - but for an average home user it would be a bit intimidating.
    For home use there should be a "Simple" interface option with simple visuals.
    When selecting different options there should be a dialogue box identifying what the selected change will do.
    Managing and event reviewing should allow the user to select a default "what I want to see" and not have to drill down and remember the what-and-where of everything

    I would love to see ClearBox ClearOS as an off-the-shelf home networking solution

    My network is clean, fast and pretty secure.
    I am slowly locking down where ClearOS allows my teenage boys can visit on the internet . . . .

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    Cevin Accepted Answer
    Maybe the possibilitry to intigrate "home automatisation" as a configurable module into clearos would be a wonderfull option. It would give the possibility to use your server housewide for the controll of everything, from data to the coffee machine or from your curtains to your website.
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    Marcel van Leeuwen Accepted Answer

    Late response, and i think you already figure it out. You can install Squeezebox Server very easly.

    - add repositories

    rpm -Uvh

    - install Squeezebox Server

    yum install squeezeboxserver
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