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4.x to ClearOS Enterprise Update
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Has anyone experienced any caveats during upgrading from 4.x? Any issues with additions to your current systems such as webmin, bacula configurations etc...?

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    Nmincone Accepted Answer
    1. Reset port used for Apache to something other than 80
    2. A small tweak to php.ini for my pre-installed web apps config.

    1. Had probs with Samba and WinXP connecting to server shares through simple sharing. After checking the logs I noticed that ClearOS stated password expired in 2007! So after resetting the password in the Users area of the GUI I was able to connect to my home share.

    Public SMB share;
    1. To enable my all users public shared directory like I had in 4.3 I added the following to smb.conf;
    comment = Public Shared Folder
    path = /home/shared
    browseable = yes
    guest only = yes
    writable = yes
    public = yes

    In the process of figuring out what was going on with my Public Share I created a public FlexShare for testing. Then I had a bear of a time trying to delete the FlexShare. I followed advice from this thread to resolve it.;

    In case the thread gets removed this is what I did...
    Log into a secure shell or with WinSCP or from CLI (Command Line Interface), delete and recreate the directory that you created with via the webgui flex share option. For some reason it doesn't delete it fully the first time around (permissions bug maybe???), but once you recreate the directory under;
    /var/flexshare/shares/DIRNAME (using the same name)
    Then you can remove it from the GUI.

    1. Since dev was replaced by udev and ClearOS is removing it from future releases I decided to use rsync instead. I will post my experiences when I have this accomplished.
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