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Where do we need to start?
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I spent a few weeks trying and looking at Zarafa and how to integrate it. I know Zimbra has a Ubunta install, which I am sure we can use that to start... It might need a few builds before. I know one person that has it installed, maybe he can help us out.


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    Tim Burgess Accepted Answer
    Ok here's my notes so far:-

    Zimbra uses the following ports, and will break any existing services that listen on them. Zimbra comes with a big health warning that it will trample over existing configurations so I decided to test on a minimal ClearOS clean install
    Remote Queue Manager 22
    Postfix 25
    HTTP 80
    POP3 110
    IMAP 143
    LDAP 389
    HTTPS 443
    Mailboxd IMAP SSL 993
    Mailboxd POP SSL 995
    Mailboxd LMTP 7025

    Clean Install from ClearOS5.1SP1 ISO
    * Graphical Console
    * DHCP and local DNS servers
    Complete the final Stage2 configuration when you reboot, via the graphical config. Configure hostname as the hostname (MX record) of your mail server (Zimbra checks this later)
    Fire up putty and SSH in

    #yum install sysstat
    #wget http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/6.0.6_GA/zcs-6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5.20100406144520.tgz
    #tar zxvf zcs-6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5.20100406144520.tgz
    #cd zcs-6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5.20100406144520
    #./install.sh --platform-override
    Y to default services (enter)- > Ldap, logger, mta, snmp, store, apache, spell
    Y to install even through not RHEL
    RPM installs, may warn about MX record on hostname (this needs to be resolveable)
    Port conflicts check OK
    Menu, configure admin password, press 3,4,pass,'r'
    Configuration complete, press 'a' to apply
    Save config
    Yes to system modified
    Lots of additional config/installation for quite a while...wait until complete! [enter]

    #su zimbra
    #zmcontrol status
    login to admin service on https://servername:7071/zimbraAdmin

    This is essentially very close to the original Zimbra Quick Start guide...see link for more details

    Zimbra-store needs 5GB free space before install! and 1GB RAM min, it's a real resource hog, and startup time on my VM was 5-10minutes

    Potential options for an existing install? comments? TBC
    #yum remove httpd, postfix, ldap, clamav, mysql, spamassasin
    needs a correct FQDN as the hostname, in localhost
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    Tim Burgess Accepted Answer
    Hmm the forum ate my line breaks!
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    Kevin Dika Accepted Answer
    Do you have the original docs regarding this? I would like to venture down this way?
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