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Large Deployment In Indonesia
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Anyone has experience deploying large number of ClearOS / ClearBOX in Indonesia (Java / Sumatra / etc).  By large number, I'm talking about 25 or more boxes.  What's the challenges you faced during the roll out? What do you use the ClearOS / ClearBOX for (server / network / gateway)?  Thanks...

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    Andi Riza Accepted Answer
    Hi Sayjade
    In Indonesia , there has been no firm clearcenter partnership, so long as it is not known who is using clearbox.

    ClearOS users is very much in Indonesia, mostly applied to internet cafes, schools, offices, computer labs, and some for the company.
    We have a community website itself (http://clearos-indonesia.com) and will continue developing in Indonesia because ClearOS is very reliable in the gateway, firewall, and servers.
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    Sayjade teo Accepted Answer
    thanks pak. i'm looking for someone who have done large deployment across indonesia for a single organization. i'm planning to use them for firewall, proxy, vpn for a start and eventually as a single samba domain (cos6). looks like i have to do it the in-house way. my 20 years of unix/linux experience should come handy. cheers...
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    Andi Riza Accepted Answer
    Hello Sayjede. sorry just answered. You can read about ClearOS Implementation in Indonesia in Netsiindo Website (www.netsindo.com) , because we are ClearCenter Partner in Indonesia.
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