23 Apr

ClearOS 7 Release Week | Lock Your Time To Review What's New

Join the InformationWeek Analysts Review Session for the long awaited sneak-peek at the release of ClearOS 7 Beta at the Interop 2015 Event on Thursday April 30, 2015 / Executive Briefing Room at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Or select your time here if you are attending one of the following events (Interop, InformationWeek, CloudConnect or Lenovo Accelerate) and… [...]
13 Apr

ClearCenter Opens New India Office

  After 12+ months of working with new key team members from India, ClearCenter opens a new India Office in Jaipur (4th Floor North Avenue, Jaipur India) and is grateful to work with such bright and skilled team members.   [...]
10 Apr

Ding-Ding-Ding Projipro Partners gets tapped by ClearCenter as the Regional Value Added Distributor for the US Rocky Mountain Region.

ClearCenter welcomes Projipro Partners as the Regional Value Added Distributor for the US, Rocky Mountain Region. “The Projipro team brings a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise that ClearCenter desires for users and other partners in the Rocky Mountain Region”, said Devin Johnson, COO of ClearCenter. "Mark Warburton of Projipro has proven that his teams competence deploying ClearOS scales far… [...]
07 Apr

Public | "Hybrid" | Private - What's IT going to be?

Almost five years ago, HP announced it was going to offer public cloud services. Today, according to the New York Times, HP announced it's leaving the public cloud business...   I recall chucking a "hybrid cloud" wrench in a CompTIA Cloud Committee pioneer meeting about this very topic with HP Executives - centred around focusing on your core competencies. Now,… [...]
05 Apr

ClearOS, Then & Now

See how ClearOS is changing the way Information Technology (IT) is getting delivered with our simple new movie about ClearOS, Then & Now. Hope you enjoy IT as much as we do... [...]
03 Mar

ClearCenter welcomes Netsindo as the Regional Hybrid Service Provider for the Indonesia Region.

ClearCenter welcomes Netsindo Sentra as the Regional Hybrid Service Provider for the Indonesia Region. “Netsindo brings the kind of resources, commitment and expertise ClearCenter desires for the Indonesia Region”, said Michael Proper, CEO of ClearCenter. "Andi Micro and Netsindo has proven his commitment to drive the awareness and adoption of ClearCenters Products for more then 3+ years now." He added, “The ClearCenter… [...]
16 Jan

CloudExpert Collaboration Predictions for 2015

As 2014 draws to an end CloudExpert layed out it's top 5 predictions for the Sync, Share and Collaboration Market for 2015. And ClearCenter agrees with most of them.  1. Enterprises will look to adopt hybrid cloud services that aggregated on-premise and cloud services:Enterprises, and most companies, use a myriad of on-premise and on-cloud services. Almost all of these services… [...]
14 Jan

ClearOS 2014 In Review

2014 was a solid year for the folks behind ClearOS, most of the heavy lifting was done behind the curtins. To see more about what was completed in 2014 click here.  [...]
02 Jan

New ClearBOX 500 Testing Results

The new ClearBOX 500 is getting 2Gbps is IO in throughput - More to come!  [...]


30 Mar

Get Inspired & Informed at Interop 2014

Enjoy learning with key ClearFoundation and ClearCenter Team members at Interop Las Vegas 2014. Message David Loper or Michael Proper to see where the fun is. [...]
24 Feb

ClearCenter Institutes Formal Presence In Bangkok by Signing TripleStep Company Ltd As The Regional Value Added Distributor

Orem, Utah - February, 2014 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, welcomed TripleStep Company Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand today as a Regional Value Added Distributor for the Bangkok, Thailand region. “TripleStep brings the kind of resources, commitment and expertise ClearCenter needs in the Bangkok, Thailand region”, said Michael Proper, CEO of ClearCenter. He… [...]