Along with the standard ISO image, specialized ClearOS Professional images are available for virtual and cloud environments. If you just want to kick the tires and give ClearOS a spin, you can use the virtual machine images to get a system up and running. For running ClearOS in a live environment, a full install using the ISO image is strongly recommended (even in a virtual environment). A full install lets you choose disk sizes, partitioning, whole disk encryption and other install-only tunables.

To activate your system, you will need to purchase a subscription via the online store or sign up for a 30-day evaluation.

ISO Images
Download Size MD5Sum
32-bit ISO 471 MB c902314cb8c775e3e50c6fe98bf836dc
64-bit ISO 511 MB b8934111f45c4e80f6724d22690d3aac
VMware Enterprise VM Instructions
32-bit 417 MB 08a3b2683a1ca61c67f1239da29b09ba
64-bit 420 MB fe62e879aa3a1a0a6a2c93108c8a083f
VMware Basic VM Instructions
32-bit 413 MB 9fdafb46ea557ac1897e3c82d8d10cbd
64-bit 416 MB 9924deae60a9d48407109b87269522e9
VirtualBox VM Instructions
32-bit 413 MB c80aeaaf4ebfe43a9d6cc2db96388ad0
64-bit 416 MB 3a7bc4c5bd655c612701ae8e67d34c9a
VirtualPC VM Instructions
32-bit 413 MB 8d120669214769498fa2c678c91412b1
64-bit 416 MB aec764a2ae0b2ee7eba6546a9a4ed67a

ISO Images

The old standby. Use the ISO image to burn a CD or to go through a full install on a virtual machine. VMware Enterprise

The VMware Enterprise images can be used on many of the enterprise-based products from VMware, including:

  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware ESX
  • VMware ESXi

VMware Basic

The VMware Basic images can be used on the following products:

  • VMware Server
  • VMware Player
  • VMware Fusion


ClearOS images for VirtualBox can be used on both the open-source and commercial versions.


Images for Microsoft's VirtualPC product are also available.

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2

Looking of the ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 release? You can download it here: