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How ClearOS Certification Works

ClearCenter Certification is broken down into 5 Certifications:

- ClearOS Certifications Core Competency (CCCC) - Available now
- ClearOS Certified Sales Engineer (CCSE) - Available starting in October 2017
- ClearOS Certified Provisioning Engineer (CCPE) - Available starting in October 2017
- ClearOS Certified Remediation Engineer (CCRE) - Available starting in January 2018
- ClearOS Development Engineering and Programmer (CDEP) - Available starting in January 2018

The four advanced certifications (CCSE, CCPE, CCRE and CDEP) each require that you first complete the ClearOS Certifications Core Competency (CCCC) program which covers general principles of ClearOS and the ClearCenter Portal.

From there, you must complete additional courses and testing to finish your certification. You do not need to redo the CCCC prerequisites for multiple certifications. All certifications consist of:

- Video and media useful to take the unit quizzes
- Unit quizzes
- A final examination where you are given custom tasks to accomplish on a physical or virtual environment that you provision.

The media and quizzes are obtainable through this portal. When you have completed them and are ready to take the final exam for any certification, please request the test/exam by starting a support ticket in the ClearOS Portal. You will then receive a list of configuration items and tasks that you will perform on a ClearOS system that you set up. ClearCenter will NOT provide the hardware for you to do this, you must provide this ClearOS system as physical or virtual hardware that you will provide remote access to your ClearCenter Testing Administrator. This should NOT be a production system. You will grant temporary root access to the system your provision and the Testing Administrator will judge the completeness of the tasks assigned in the exam criteria.

Certifications are also denoted by a version number in case of referencing a past certification that has expired or that is not the specifically tied to the version. If you are certified as a CCSE7 you can always retain that title but you can only be considered a CCSE if carry the certification for products that have not reached End of Life.

You can read more about the testing criteria for each certification in this 'Getting Started' Section.


Certification Overview - How to Become Certified on ClearCenter Products