ClearBOX 100 Hybrid Appliance

ClearBOX 100 Hybrid Gateway Appliance

The Next Generation of Simplified IT

The Next Generation Hybrid Gateway Appliance

  • Antimalware Protection
  • Gateway Antiphishing
  • Gateway Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Gateway Antivirus
  • Advanced Content Filter
  • Web Access Control
  • Web Proxy
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Protocol Filter
  • 1-to-1 NAT
  • Bandwidth Manager
  • QoS Manager
  • Custom Firewall
  • DHCP Server
  • DMZ Firewall
  • DNS Server
  • Egress Firewall
  • Firewall
  • IP Settings
  • Multi-WAN
  • NTP Server
  • Network Map
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP Server
  • Port Forwarding
  • RADIUS Server
  • SSH Server
  • Static IPsec VPN
  • ibVPN
  • Bandwidth Viewer
  • Disk Usage Report
  • Log Viewer
  • Network Report
  • Network Visualizer
  • Process Viewer
  • Resource Report
  • SMART Monitor
  • System Report
  • Filter and Proxy Report
  • Account Import
  • Account Manager
  • Account Synchronization
  • Administrators
  • BackupPC
  • Bare Metal Backup and Restore
  • Certificate Manager
  • Configuration Backup and Restore
  • Dropbox User Account
  • Mail Notification
  • Mail Settings
  • Marketplace
  • Password Policies
  • Software RAID Manager
  • Storage Manager
  • System Registration
  • User Certificates
  • User Profile
  • Users and Groups
  • Webconfig
  • Master/Slave Plugins

Cloud Managed

Beginning in 2001 we ensured our software and appliances were cloud managed enabling you to more efficiently manage your deployments and multi-site environments. We've designed ClearOS to be friendly with any browser. That means you boot up your access device of choice and have all the tools at your fingertips you need to keep your system running. Make adjustments from your laptop in the office or from your smart phone on the road.

IT Admins, The Beach Is Waiting

Never leave your system behind again. With ClearOS Professional, you'll have full remote access to your system from anywhere in the world. So, if you have an internet connection, you'll have complete control of your IT environment...even if you're on the beach.

Clean, Simple Webconfig

ClearOS Professional features a simple & beautiful browser-based interface. Leave the black screened world of command line interfaces behind. With ClearOS Professional, anyone can learn to manage their IT environment.


Robust VPN Features.

Get one of the most complete VPN systems. Make your network act as one even if you are running remote offices in different parts of the world.

  • Dynamic VPN - Utilize IPsec VPN to manage dynamic IP addresses
  • OpenVPN - Provide secure remote access to your local system
  • PPTP VPN - Set up your VPN with a PPTP connection

Wireless with
RADIUS Authentication

ClearBOX 100 with wireless was designed with the Small Office, Home Office, and Distributed Network in mind. It is ideal for environments at a local site of 15 users or less.

As a small business server it comes integrated with full ClearOS functionality but also includes the option for integrated wireless. This means that it can handle all of your server AND networking needs. You can set it up like any normal wireless access point or router including the ability to connect to ClearOS' directory for individual user authentication via RADIUS.

Because it is ClearOS, it can integrate with other ClearOS directories or even with Active Directory. This makes it ideal for the branch office which can use ClearCenter's Dynamic VPN for reliable connectivity between your main office's ClearBOX and your remote site.


Enterprise Grade Security

It's really quite simple, no one likes to feel as though your systems are at risk or that your data may be compromised. With the ClearBOX 100, Hybrid Network Appliance, protecting your network just got a whole lot easier.

ClearOS Professional keeps out unwanted viruses, spam and hackers, by offering you the latest in cutting-edge protection.

  • Antivirus - Keep your entire network safe by filtering viruses at the edge
  • Antiphishing - Protect your network from malicious links
  • Intrusion Detection - Filters all traffic at the gateway
  • Contextual Analysis - Intelligent analysis based upon page content
  • L7 Protocol Filter - Analyze packets and filter IP, port or protocol
  • Access Control - Apply time based restrictions to users & groups

Data Recovery

Far too often businesses procrastinate on implementing the necessary steps to ensure your business is functional at all times. ClearCenter provides simple scalable solutions to fit the needs of any remote storage requirement; be it 5 GB – 500 TB of offsite data backup.

Another feature which is beneficial to ClearBOX users around the world is the Remote Configuration Backup. This snapshot of your system allows you to replicate these configurations across subsequent installations in your environment simply.

As the IT Administrator you decide when, what and how your system backs up and can rest assured that our global data centers keep your data secure and accessible at all times.


Marketplace for ClearOS

Welcome to a new way of deploying a Server. With Marketplace you choose what you want and more importantly what you DON'T want on your system.

You can also install third party apps to easily join your ClearBOX to other local or cloud based systems. Welcome to the world of Hybrid Appliances!


Manage Up to 25 Users, with one appliance

ClearBOX 100 Hybrid Appliances are engineered to scale quickly and simply for small scale deployments.

The 100 Series is designed for mid-sized organizations, distributed enterprises and educational institutions with up to 25 users. It's excellent pricing allows not only for a quick ROI but the ability to deploy a ClearBOX in Mission Critical configurations to ensure maximum up time for your environment. The scalability of both the appliance and software allow you to run the system as a full All-In-One type device, best used in small offices, or as a scalable gateway appliance scaling to 30 users.

Solutions include ClearOS Professional, Standard software licensing, which includes many additional paid apps and services, as well as ClearCARE, Level I technical support.

Cloud Managed since 2001

The ClearBOX 100 series was designed as a simple to deploy, scalable gateway solution. This allows for simple deployments in small environments or more complex multi-site deployments by allowing you to manage each appliance via a simple intuitive web interface. ClearBOX runs an award winning operating system, built for any skillset or ability.

Eliminates 8 appliances with a simple, intuitive Hybrid Appliance

Maximum Intrusion Protection

The ClearBOX 100 runs an advanced intrusion protection system allowing for maximum protection against global threats.

The Intrusion Detection & Prevention is a cornerstone of security for any size network. The ClearBOX uses the highly regarded Snort engine to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The system can help identify, log and stop (using the IPS plugin) external attack vectors targeting the network (fingerprinting, buffer overflows, brute force authentication etc.). The app contains over 1000 known attack vector signatures with another 12,000+ signatures included with the ClearBOX (with continuous updates) via the IDS update subscription from ClearCenter (app available in the Marketplace, included with ClearBOX).

Network Visibility & Control

Do you know who your top bandwidth consumers are?

The Network Visualizer captures and displays data flow traversing your network in real-time. Despite requiring some technical knowledge in networking principles, this feature can be extremely useful in troubleshooting and diagnosing bandwidth issues and unauthorized applications or malware originating from your network.

Less Equipment. Less Waste

As businesses continue to deploy the ClearBOX solution, less materials will be wasted. That's a big deal, especially considering that 50 million tons of E-Waste is generated every year and 75 million computers are dumped in landfills. ClearBOX saves space, energy, waste, money and the environment.

Think Green. Save Money. Save Power

Next time you change a light bulb, think about a ClearBOX. At 47 watts it draws less than the bulbs in your office. But the server rack of today is a heat generating, power sucking monster. ClearBOX lets you save a little green and decrease your footprint on required systems. Think of it this way.. how long would your current server or gateway device last on your current backup power supply (UPS)? Just think of the difference running a 47 watt appliance versus a 470 watt appliance.


Standard Install

Benefit: Allows the full features of ClearOS on a single consolidated box.

Application: Useful for a SOHO or small business with simple IT needs. Run your file, print, messaging, firewall, and gateway protection services on a single appliance.

Gateway Install

Benefit: Provides edge of network functionality with an emphasis on gateway services.

Application: An ideal upgrade to any conventional business or SOHO router. Protect your network with this focused solution for the gateway.

Inline Transparent Content Filter

Benefit: Provides seamless content filtration with minimal impact to existing network infrastructure.

Application: Place this between your existing network and router and it will filter your traffic for content and viruses. Uses bypass technology to allow traffic to flow even when powered off!

ClearBOX - Specifications

ClearBOX is designed with the latest technology and features. Not only does it sport the usual LAN and WAN ports, but feast your eyes on the two bypass ports available to create fully redundant failover or load balanced systems. That kind of forward thinking is throughout the entire design. Check out the specs, you'll see what we mean!

ClearBOX 100 Components

  • APower Switch
  • BReset Button
  • CPower Input
  • DRJ45 System Console Connector
  • EDual USB 2.0 Ports
  • FG2 Bypass Segment 1 with 2 1Gb Ethernet Ports
  • GG2 Bypass Segment 2 with 2 1Gb Ethernet Ports
  • HSystem Restore (In Development)
  • IVGA Port
  • JWLAN 802.11 n/a/b/g
  • KEthernet Activity LED
  • LBypass & Power Activity LED

Operating Environment

Temperature: 41 To 95 Degrees Fahrenheit
(5 to 35 degrees Celsius)
Humidity 20% to 90%RH

Storage Environment

Temperature: 32 To 158 Degrees Fahrenheit
(0 to 70 degrees Celsius)
Humidity 5% to 95%RH

PCI-E Expansions Options

Wireless (Optional)


180(W) x 150(D) x 42(H)mm
7.1"(W) x 5.9"(D) x 1.65"(H)


Intel® ICH8-M Chipset


Intel® ATOM D510 1.66 Dual Core




80GB (SSD) to 750GB

Rack Amount

Not Available



ClearOS Business Subscriptions

ClearBOX 100 includes a 1 year subscription to ClearOS Business, Standard Subscription ($588 value). ClearOS ships pre-installed and pre-tested on ClearBOX. This operating platform delivers a wide variety of IT functions, combined with commercial add-on services and professional support. You may also upgrade your subscription to the Premium Level if you wish. Contact Sales to order your ClearBOX 100 with a ClearOS Business, Premium Subscription..

    ClearOS Business, Standard

  • Included on all ClearBOX 100 Models
  • 85 Quality Tested Apps
  • Commercial URLs for Content Filter
  • Commercial Signatures for IDS
  • Commercial AV / AS Rules
  • Remote Configuration Backup
  • Dynamically Managed VPN
  • ClearCARE, 8/5 Tech-Support (Up to 5 hrs)
  • ClearCARE, Email & Remote Login Support
  • ClearCARE, 1 Business Day Support Response
  • $588/yr Renewal Cost
  • Lifecycle Support: 5 years

Hybrid Gateway Appliance

The ClearBOX 113 delivers a simple all-in-one solution for small production environments.

  • Up to 15 Users
  • Intended for SOHO
  • Intended for Perimeter Security
  • 75+ IT Functions
  • Includes 3rd Party & Professional Apps
  • Includes 1/yr ClearOS Business Silver Subscription
  • Includes ClearGM, Gateway Management & Filtration
  • Optional (+ $) ClearCARE Technical Support



Hybrid Gateway Appliance

The ClearBOX 133 provides a simple all-in-one solution for medium production environments.

  • Up to 25 Users
  • Intended for Small Offices
  • Intended for Perimeter Security
  • 75+ IT Functions
  • Includes 3rd Party & Professional Apps
  • Includes 1/yr ClearOS Business Standard Subscription
  • Includes ClearGM, Gateway Management & Filtration
  • Optional (+ $) ClearCARE Technical Support



Hybrid Gateway Appliance

The ClearBOX 153 delivers a robust all-in-one solution for all types of production environments.

  • Up to 50 Users
  • Intended for Small to Medium Offices
  • Intended for Perimeter Security
  • 75+ IT Functions
  • Includes 3rd Party & Professional Apps
  • Includes 1/yr ClearOS Business Standard Subscription
  • Includes ClearGM, Gateway Management & Filtration
  • Optional (+ $) ClearCARE Technical Support


ClearBOX Series
Intended Environment
  • Home Office
  • Small Office
  • Medium Office
  • Large Office
  • Distributed Environments
  • Data Center
Intended IT Functions
  • Mail Server
  • Application Server
  • Internet Security Appliance
  • Content Filter &amp Proxy Server
  • Network File Server
  • All-in-One Server
Intended User Load
  • Zarafa Mail Server
  • IMAP &amp POP Server
  • Application Server2
  • Internet Security Appliance
  • Content Filter &amp Proxy Server
  • Network File Server
  • All-in-One Server
Hardware Specifications
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk
  • Power
  • Rack Mountable
  • Up to 25
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 25
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 100
  • Up to 15
  • 1x Intel Atom®
  • Up to 4GB
  • 1x 2.5" SATA
  • 1x P/S
  • -
  • Up to 100
  • Up to 350
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 200
  • Up to 200
  • Up to 400
  • Up to 75
  • 1x Intel iSeries®
  • Up to 16GB
  • 2x 2.5" or 1x 3.5" SATA
  • 1x P/S
  • Up to 10001
  • Up to 1000
  • Up to 10000
  • Up to 100001
  • Up to 100001
  • Up to 200001
  • Up to 750
  • 2x Intel Xeon®
  • Up to 768GB
  • 8x 2.5" or 4x 3.5" SAS
  • 2x Hot Swappable P/S
  • Up to 10001
  • Up to 3500
  • Up to 10000
  • Up to 100001
  • Up to 100001
  • Up to 200001
  • Up to 750
  • 2x Intel Xeon®
  • Up to 768GB
  • 26x 2.5" or 12x 3.5" SAS
  • 2x Hot Swappable P/S
100 Series Overview