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Samba Directory

The Samba Directory app powered by Samba 4 provides Active Directory 1) Domain Controller functionality. Yes, you will be able to start replacing those Windows Active Directory servers with ClearOS and the Samba Directory implementation. Features include:

  • Support for the Active Directory logon and administration protocols
  • Support for Group Policies
  • An internal LDAP server, with Active Directory semantics
  • Kerberos support
  • Full NTFS semantics

Note: in order to avoid the pitfalls of confusing the trademarked Active Directory with the Samba 4 implementation, we refer to the Samba 4 Active Directory implementation as Samba Directory in ClearOS documentation.


This app is currently in development. Packages for 6 may or may not be publicly available. For details, see Samba Directory - Alpha 1. For full use of Samba Directory, use ClearOS 7.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Server|Directory|Samba Directory


Getting the Samba Directory configuration just right is important. Changing settings after you have started the deployment is labor intensive and painful!

Provisioning the Samba Directory may take a few minutes, so please be patient!


Though the use of .local is common, we recommend avoiding it if possible. This suffix is used by other operating systems and mobile devices and can cause a conflict. We recommend using a subdomain based off of your primary Internet domain. Substituting the .lan suffix is up to you.


Regardless, it is very important to make sure the DNS for realm is working for any system connecting to ClearOS. The ClearOS system must also be able to lookup this name (see DNS section below).

Windows Domain

This is the old Workgroup parameter. For small organizations, using the hostname part of the realm certainly works, but you can choose other domains. By convention, you will see the domain in all caps, but any case will work.


Server Name

The server name is taken from simple hostname of your system. If you want to change this parameter, click on the link to change the hostname. DNS and hostname changes are finicky, so provisioning Samba Directory right the first time will save you time and agony later on!


Choose a good password – the standard Windows password complexity rules apply.

DNS and Dynamic DNS

A working DNS infrastructure is critical to Samba Directory. In addition, an Active Directory implementation will operating better when the Dymamic DNS updates via Kerberos feature is enabled. For these reasons, the internal DNS server provided by Samba Directory is used in ClearOS. This DNS server will be active on all trusted (LAN) network interfaces.


1) Trademark is the property of the respective owner. ClearCenter is not affiliated with Microsoft.
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