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ClearOS Versions End of Life

Security and errata updates are provided for ClearOS Enterprise and Professional subscribers. The version end-of-life is shown in the table below.

ClearOS 5End-of-Life (Free)End-of-Life (Subscribers)
ClearOS Enterprise 5.1September 2012September 2012
ClearOS Enterprise 5.2September 2013December 2015
ClearOS 6End-of-Life (Free)End-of-Life (Subscribers)
ClearOS Community 6September 2017 -
ClearOS Professional 6 - September 2019
ClearOS 7End-of-Life (Free)End-of-Life (Subscribers)
ClearOS Community 7March 2019 -
ClearOS Home 7 - March 2022
ClearOS Business 7 - March 2022
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